Feelings are not facts!

Something that has sat with me today. So I figured why not write about it. So. Feelings are not facts. True or false? My logical brain is telling me that’s true and my emotional brain is churning my stomach!

The story of why this came up is kinda irrelevant but more about what its doing to me is key.

My stomach is in knots, my brain is whirring and my niggling thoughts are creating their own story lines!

So why can’t I stop it? A question that I’m sure has been pondered for centuries. For me, right at this moment, its because I dont believe the facts I have been given. So my brain is filling in the gaps with a negative storyline, because we all know how good we are at writing those. And this is what has led me to be sat in the lounge at 1am. Deliberating with myself.

Will I ever learn?

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