So today with my class we looked at supervision and some of the supervision models out there, being used by supervisors today.

Do you know what surprised me the most? That some of the supervisors had not shared their model of working with their supervisees! How do you work without letting your supervisee know what model you work from? How do you work without a plan?

It could be Carroll and his seven stages, Page & Wosket and their Cyclical model or Hawkins & Shohets Seven eyed, but there needs to be something!

I find myself commenting a lot on Facebooks group discussions about supervision, it drives me up the wall when supervisors state ‘I am a CBT / Integrative / Psychodynamic supervisor’. Noooooooooooooo!

We, as therapists have a modality, but we as supervisors work to a supervision model. They are two different, some may argue completely different, things! Please stop it!

And supervisees……..challenge your supervisors!

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