The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go

I was inspired for this blog post by the sheer overload of online learning there is available right now, as well as my own experiences of moving our classes online. I teach Level 3 and Level 4 counselling qualifications and we, like millions of people in the world, jumped from classroom to online overnight.

It seems that I can’t open an email without a link embedded in it for “free courses – sign up now”, “change your career”, “get back to work more qualified than when you left”, “things to stop the furlough boredom”. And the list goes on. I would call it ‘being bombarded’!

And like everyone at the moment I thought I had best make good use of my time during Covid. Despite the fact that I am still working I felt this increased pressure to make more of my time.

What on earth does ‘make more of my time’ even mean? Ask anyone who knows me they will say I am on the go from morning till night and sometimes until late into the night, juggling careers like I am a sealion performing for the masses.

So, drawn into the marketing demands, I signed up for a short course that took my fancy and was counselling related. I thought ‘whoop, two boxes ticked’ – don’t ask me about boxes I have no idea what boxes I’m talking about either! (Maybe another blog post……?)

Course, locked and loaded, off I went. It was ok. Didn’t set my world on fire and I came away thinking – it’s some of those kinda people on those kinda courses that enable the counselling stereotype to continue! Let’s just say it wasn’t my finest moment and move on.

This then made me question lots of things. As a counsellor and member of several ethical bodies I have to do CPD (Continuing Professional Development) over the year. Somewhere around the 30 hours mark is always the magical number that is banded around. Why 30 – I have no idea – but go with it.

But after doing some reading around the subject I discovered that CPD doesn’t necessarily have to be in your chosen professional field. Well that cracked open some eyes I can tell you and I set on a pursuit in finding interesting things to have a look at, not just things I thought I should do.

Well from blogging classes to dream workshops, from making movies to writing online, from basic coding to mindfulness, from restaurant reopening strategies to delivery platforms the world was my oyster!

#brainoverload #butilovedit

I think you are getting into the swing of it by now, I just love information. And to be fair I learnt as much on my blogging course about people as I did in a webinar about delivery platforms. And what has this taught me?

That every person is a fantastic mix of so many things that to force anyone into a box, especially when it comes to learning, just means you are taking the spark away – or maybe starting to dilute it. By letting someone chose what they want to learn, study or read allows the human condition to flourish. That search for something, the interest, the imagination, the world.

And why shouldn’t we be a welly wearing princess, cruising across the galaxy, talking about mental health whilst deciding what food to order for delivery?

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