I once had a dream….

So over the last week I have been talking about dreaming with different people in my life. Some of them students as we were looking at Gestalt therapies today and then again with my blogging peer group, and some a couple of weeks ago when I went on a collective dream workshop.

When the students and I looked at dreams we looked at the Gestalt technique of acknowledging all parts of the dream and becoming the differnet parts in order to create meaning from the clients POV and bring it in to the present.

I shared a dream that I had a few weeks ago and it repeated for some nights. I was called into work to sign a new contract (which I didn’t sign and you will see why I am telling you this shortly) and was told that I would be working in Kent. Now I’m based in Birmingham so that in itself was odd. However, my biggest concern appeared to be my ability to commute that distance. Well it was a dream!

So from a psychodynamic point of view what could this interpretation be? I cracked open my well used dream app and went about hunting the answer. I searched words such as ‘contract’, ‘signature’ and ‘work’.

When I added all the different factors together, it gave me, what I perceive to be, quite a comprehensive interpretation.

I was anxious about the work situation during all the uncertainty around Covid-19 and my place in the work world, this could be interpreted as “you need to get back to work”, oh the irony! Signatures mean agreement or acceptance of a situation. Remember I told you that I didn’t sign anything. This appears to be my lack of acceptance around the situation which ties in with the possible anxiety of being replaced or the role no longer being there.

The contract element was an interesting one, the dream app related it to thinking twice about a relationship. And carefully examine what you are getting in to. This gave me some food for thought. I checked out with my husband that we were ok and he wondered why I was asking, I thought about the work relationships I have and they are still there albeit a little quiet at the moment as we all wait in anticipation, so what relationship could this contract be meaning. As yet I have not come up with an answer but who knows, these things tend to slap you between the eyes when you least expect it.

For me that seemed straight forward and realistic with everything that is going on in the world and in my world now.

Well I used my dream today in class as an example and that brought up something different. I became the pen signing (or not) and I dialogued with the contract. I asked it “why after so many years are you asking me to do this?” The contract replied, “because it is time”. Now I have varying ideas about what that means and that I am afraid readers will be a blog for another day.

But it just goes to show that its worth having a dig around as sometimes, just sometimes our subconscious may be trying to tell us something.  

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