To write or not to write…..

So the first thing that hit me was the fact that when faced with an empty page when or what is good enough to not only start but also with what! And I decided that was the answer. Lets look at what it is that stops us or rather me from writing. Recently I have been able to blame it on Covid-19, just like the rest of everything in my life right here, right now.

But I am hoping that at some point this will end, I don’t think life will go back to the way it was right away, if ever – see there is another topic for another blog post one day – but things will change and I will adapt again and continue on.

So back to the writing, is it fear that stops me putting something out there? Yes maybe. The fear of rejection and yet even more so the fear of not being noticed. Seemingly the stronger feeling at the moment and this has got me thinking about the parallel that is running in my life right now. I have been furloughed from one of my places of work and this has caused me to wonder what it is about jobs, roles, parts we play that make up our outward facing persona.

And so the fear of being noticed continues on for me. Will anyone read my blog? If they do will they like it? And what weight am I adding to this……..time will tell!

Happy reading everyone – stay safe

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