Hints and Tips for L3 Presentation Criteria Hits

Lots of you have commented that you are unsure of how to go about getting the criteria hits that you need so I have put together this list. Firstly make a list of what criteria you need from both tutor and peer and then plan your presentation around hitting those.

General Hints & Tips

Zoom – we do love something to look at so if you can share your screen with pictures / diagrams / powerpoint / video etc then this can be used to explain and explore the topic you have chosen. NB A video cannot be assessed as your work so only use it as an additonal tool – not the presentation!

Please don’t use Wikipedia – it is an unreliable source. Use it for general research and a starting point but if you need hard facts then make sure you are backing them up with other sources.

Don’t forget to have pre-prepared reflection feedback sheets for both the tutor and the peer. This will make is swift on the day and less stressful. Pre-plan who you are going to ask for feedback if that is possible and talk to them ahead of the day.

Know what criteria you need!

Criteria 1 – Ethical Framework

Anything to do with ethical dilemmas, ethical framework and how your chosen subject is talked about by the BACP / NCS. Or to do with your level of proficiency. (1.1 / 1.2)

Is it a specialist subject? Does it take years to train? Do you have to access it in a specific way? It maybe an agency that works in a specific way that you would like to share with us. (1.3)

You may want to talk about the way clients access this particular kind of therapy and how they are referred. And why they have that proceedure, why does it work for them etc (1.4)

If you are talking about a specific mental health issue then how this may come across on the agency assessment or if it doesn’t what would be your ethical responsibilities when thinking about working with them.

BACP https://www.bacp.co.uk/events-and-resources/ethics-and-standards/ethical-framework-for-the-counselling-professions/

NCS https://www.nationalcounsellingsociety.org/about-us/code-of-ethics

Criteria 2 – Counselling Relationship

This criteria is all about the counselling relationship.

So with your chosen topic you can discuss what the counselling / therapy may look like – is there a short video that you can use?

Are there any constraints to the role within this chosen therapy / situation. For example what about the confidentialty aspects of walking therapy.

What are the results? Have people (not you) given info as to whether it worked, how it worked, any experiences they want to share?

Criteria 3 – Difference and Diversity

Why is difference and diversity important and how does the topic you have chosen support or not support this?

Maybe the place you have chosen operates from a gym – bringing the therapy to the clients meeting them where they are, maybe they operate from a social club to make them available to the community.

If you are doing a counselling theory then is there any feedback / research suggesting that it works well with certain people? Or maybe the type of therapy or place that operates the therapy makes it out of reach for many?

Criteria 5 – Use counselling theory to develop self-awareness in counselling practice

Exactly what it says on the tin. How has counselling theory helped you learn something about you?

With regards the ability to empathise with others – contemplate things like why do drug counselling centres hire ex addicts? Why do prison services ask the ex cons to help?

Critera 6 – Theories of Counselling and Mental Health

Has your topic got anything to do with mental health? How does it deal with it / speak about it / solve it / treat it? (6.5)

If you are talking about an agency do they subscribe to a particular theory, and if so why? What is the rationale and evidence to support them?(6.3)

Are there any results to share showing the difference and promotion of good mental health. (6.5) And if there is, where is it, did you read any of it and what did you think about it? (6.6)

If you have chosen a theory then how does this theory help us to understand the client and can you give any examples.

Criteria 7 – Use feedback, reflection, supervision support

This may be a bit of a tricky one to work into your presentation but not impossible depending on the topic you have chosen. I think the only way to work this into your presentation would be by exploring the area of supervision.

There maybe specific supervision stipulations that you have to follow if working in a specific way, so you could speak about this and share your thoughts / opinions and findings.

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