Why do I need to write one every week?

Your journals are there so that you can continually reflect on your own journey, what you have read, what you have done in class, what you are experiencing, how you felt about your group discussions, how your self awareness is developing, what you would like to work on, what you may have struggled with, what you would like to use with clients, what you may find hard doing with a client, what you don’t understand how to do with a client, what you have experienced and so much more!

If you hit 1 or 2 criteria then that is also great but don’t let it inhibit your explorations and your reflections on self awareness and your journey.

You will receive criteria to put towards your portfolio of evidence from so many things over the course of your training that by the end you will be spoilt for choice!

Criteria will come from journals, assignments, case study, transcript, tutor observations, peer observations, agency and supervision reports (Level 4), presentations and self reviews.

So enjoy the journey, revel in the learning, exploration and reflection and build your portfolio!

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